About us


Our Values

This is where commerce meets compassion.
Where the value of an individual is upheld and honored.
Where the simple beauty of a job well-done gives both hope and purpose.

Here, dignity is at the center of all that we are.

And our only goal, to both positively impact the lives of the people we employ and the businesses we so proudly serve.

We believe that by supporting the individual’s needs of the disabled and nurturing their skills, we provide a unique kind of organization: One that is both good for society and for the growth of businesses.

This is our business … This is your business … This, is Dignity At Work.


Industrial Aid, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1970 by a group of insightful parents who wanted to provide their adult children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to strive toward independence and experience the dignity of employment.  The facility opened its doors on Beck Avenue in South St. Louis with a handful of employees and moved to its current location on Oleatha Avenue in 1980.

In 2006 IA expanded its facility by constructing a 52,000 square foot addition, providing a total of 152,000 square feet, to accommodate the current and future needs of employees and customers.  The project team focused on creating a safe, accessible, engaging environment for the employees as well as a state-of-the-art production space.  The addition features an open production floor plan with long-span structural bays, high ceilings, skylights, and energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems. It also includes modern break rooms, locker areas, a courtyard with outdoor seating, and an entry that is highlighted by a 2 story atrium.  The new facility was awarded the “Spirit of St. Louis Award” by the mayor’s office because of IA’s commitment to the city and surrounding neighborhood.

Industrial Aid is one of the largest contract packagers in the state of Missouri providing a variety of opportunities for individuals of all ability levels, from labor intensive hand assemblies to high speed packaging lines.  Employees benefit from a supportive, light industrial environment with a staff experienced in providing individualized training to develop and enhance work skills.  Industrial Aid currently employs 150+ St. Louis City and County residents with disabilities, engaged in productive work every day.

Board of Directors

President – Lynn Beauchaine, Parent

Vice President – Judy Ryan, Parent

Treasurer – Jaime Jankowski, Vice President, Cass Commerical Bank

Secretary – Mike Stroud, CEO Industrial Aid, Inc.

Antonia Banks, Parent

Jacqueline Bonds-Fowler, Parent Support/Dropout Transition Specialist, Nottingham CAJT High School

Suzanne Fenton, Marketing Specialist

Chris Hamlin, Partner Husch Blackwell

Kimberly Long, Principal, Nottingham CAJT High School

Judy Ryan, Parent

Jim Willers, Retail/Family member

Marge Zeller, Parent

Our Expert Team

Mike Stroud, Chief Executive Officer

Danyelle Hill, Director of Employment Services

Tracy Gritsenko, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

Lisa Bryant, Director of Finance

Diane Orf, Director of Human Resources

Ashley Engler, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Dzenana Okanovic, Warehouse Manager

Aida Trnjanin, Operations Assistant / Quality Assurance

Bill Bates, Facility Manager

Sandi Nusinovic, Facility Manager / Logistics